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Expand your 3D printing capabilities with water-soluble support.

Currently available in two grades, AquaSys® is the only line of water-soluble support filaments compatible with engineering-grade build materials—from ABS to PEEK.

Design, print, and move on—
with AquaSys water-soluble 3D printer
support filaments.

The AquaSys® family of products offers users a lot to improve the 3D printing process. Fast dissolution speeds. Universal adhesion. Stability at high temperatures. But the most important thing you’ll get when you print with AquaSys? Simplicity.

Print a complex 3D object, using engineering thermoplastics—including PEEK and PEKK—then move on to your next project as AquaSys rapidly dissolves. It’s that simple.

Get the facts about AquaSys.

Download the data sheets.
Facts. Figures. Critical data and safety recommendations. Find it all in the Technical and Safety Data Sheets (TDS & SDS) for AquaSys® 120 and AquaSys® 180.

Features and benefits that make AquaSys filaments different.

  • Enhanced adhesion to various build materials, providing better print quality
  • Great stability in higher printing temperatures for advanced material compatibility
  • Rapid dissolution—up to 6x faster than other support materials, like BVOH or PVA
  • Environmentally smart, nontoxic material properties
  • Tap-water soluble—no solvents needed, no more removing supports
  • Engineered to leave behind a smooth surface finish
  • Overall compatibility with PLA, Polyamide, ABS, TPU, PC, PVDF, PEI, PEEK, PEKK and PPSU
  • Note about AquaSys 180: After dissolution, some insoluble, non-hazardous fibers will remain, but can be easily removed and disposed of in a standard sanitary waste stream.

Choosing a support filament just got remarkably easier.

Both AquaSys® 120 and AquaSys® 180 completely outperform any competing material. They both provide stable support. They both offer complete design freedom. And they both dissolve quickly with no need for solvents. The most notable difference lies in the build material you plan to print with, and the parameters required to print it. Choose AquaSys 180 for high-temperature materials like PEEK, PEKK, PEI, and PPSU. And choose AquaSys 120 for everything else.

  Breakaway PVA/BVOH Chemical-soluble AquaSys 120 AquaSys 180
Compatible with engineering-grade build materials X   X X X
Requires minimal post-processing   X X X X
Enables safe, simple disposal   X   X X
Stable at high temperatures X     X X
Dissolves in plain tap water*   X X X
Supports complex geometries   X X X X
Compatible with PEEK, PEKK, PEI, and PPSU X       X

*AquaSys 120 is 100% soluble, while AquaSys 180 contains approximately 20 wt% of an inert, non-hazardous, non-biodegradable component that should be collected and disposed of after dissolution.

Two filaments with infinite 3D printing potential.


AquaSys® 120

Extruder temperature: 220-245 ºC
Build plate temperature: Up to RT-130 ºC
Chamber temperature: 80-120 ºC

Recommended build materials: PLA, Polyamide, Carbon Fiber Filled Polyamide, ABS, TPU, PC, PP, Glass-Filled PP, and PVDF


AquaSys® 180

Extruder temperature: 230-300 ºC
Build plate temperature: Up to 60-180 ºC
Chamber temperature: Up to 180 ºC

Recommended build materials: PEEK, PEKK, PEI, and PPSU

Pore over the AquaSys whitepapers to find more enlightening details.

Materials like these aren’t just haphazardly discovered—they’re meticulously designed and rigorously tested. Read our in-depth whitepapers, covering the physical properties that make each AquaSys filament so effective, and some of the key trial results that back those claims up.

AquaSys is the solution to a long-
standing market need.

For decades, manufacturers and developers have been looking for smart ways to make printing 3D objects faster, easier and more affordable. Unfortunately, that progressive spirit has rarely been adopted in the realm of support material.

Traditional support filaments simply don’t provide the optimal support manufacturers need. Breakaway supports make producing complex structures difficult. And most water-soluble materials can’t stand up to the temperatures required to support engineering-grade build materials.

So Infinite Material Solutions decided to address the need—the result, of course, being AquaSys filaments. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of advanced additive manufacturing applications, these materials don’t just make 3D printing easier. They make it faster, more cost-effective, and more viable as a method for creating end-use parts with desirable thermoplastics.

See the AquaSys grades and sizes currently available.

More ways AquaSys filaments enable plug-and-play performance.

Both AquaSys 120 and AquaSys 180 work seamlessly into your FDM printing experience, making the whole process easier.

Enjoy high-performance stability.

AquaSys filaments thrive in higher temperatures than any other water-soluble support material. That means you can print high-quality, warp-free parts with more materials than ever before.

Reduce post-processing time.

Post-processing is responsible for up to 70% of the cost of a 3D-printed object. That’s too much. So we designed AquaSys filaments to dissolve quickly, enable complex designs, and leave behind a smooth finish—so you can make more parts faster, and get some of that 70% back.

Watch it dissolve.

To remove supports printed using AquaSys filaments, all you need is tap water—no harsh chemicals required. They’re also safe to use, and generally safe to discharge in most waste-water streams.

Storage is simple.

AquaSys filaments come in a sealed, moisture-tight bag to maximize shelf life. Between prints, simply put your filament back in the bag for continued storage.

Still not sure if AquaSys filaments are right for you?

We understand—it’s a critical decision. Peruse our FAQ page for fast answers to common questions, or contact our helpful staff for one-on-one support.

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