Reshaping additive.
One novel material at a time.

The best material solutions aren’t born out of necessity. They’re born out of keen observation, and a refusal to accept limitations.

Does your business have an “only” statement?

Ours does—in fact, we have a few. Every product made by Infinite™ is introduced to the market as the only one of its kind. “The only water-soluble 3D printing support material that’s compatible with PEEK,” for example. Because we have a hunch that one-of-a-kind solutions will give our customers a significant competitive advantage. Prove us right.

Here’s what we do, and how that benefits you.

Novel 3D printing products.

Our AquaSys® water-soluble support filaments are helping additive manufacturers rethink product design and reduce time to part.

Rapid material design.

At any given time, we’ve got several new materials in various stages of development, each poised to disrupt the industry from a new angle.

Collaborative development.

We don’t see problems. Just opportunities. That’s why we work with industry leaders to take on opportunities often dismissed as unsolvable problems.

All the ways your industry uses FDM. Just better.

Get a finished car off the assembly line faster. Quickly create custom tooling using strong, affordable build materials. However you’re using FDM printing in industries like automotive or aerospace, find out how you can keep doing it more efficiently with our solutions.


Water-soluble support is our bread and butter.

AquaSys, our flagship product family, is the only line of water-soluble 3D printing support filaments that’s compatible with engineering-grade build materials—from ABS to PEEK. That makes it the only water-soluble support worth considering for critical applications.

Industry-leading solubility.

AquaSys filaments dissolve in plain tap water with no harsh chemicals needed.

Ridiculously fast removal.

AquaSys filaments dissolve up to 6X faster than a leading brand of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA).

Safe, simple disposal.

AquaSys filaments are primarily made from soluble, wastewater-friendly components.

Worry-free compatibility.

AquaSys filaments adhere to most engineering-grade materials, ranging from nylon to PEEK.

High-quality print stability.

AquaSys filaments provide reliable support so intricate prints never lose any detail.

Total design freedom.

AquaSys filaments support complex geometries, including cavities, voids, and 45˚ angles.

Products for 3D printing.

Now available in two grades, AquaSys support filaments make complex geometry and hands-off post processing a reality, even if your build material requires extremely high print temperatures.

AquaSys120 Product

AquaSys® 120

High-performance, water-soluble support filament, compatible with a wide range of build materials, such as ABS and PP.

AquaSys180 Product

AquaSys® 180

High-temperature, water-soluble support filament, compatible with thermoplastics, including PEEK, PEKK, PEI, and PPSU.


Access our materials through a supplier you trust.

Thought leaders and resellers play a critical role in helping businesses and end users find innovative solutions. You know. Solutions like ours, that enable exciting new capabilities.

Help us get more capabilities into the hands of additive manufacturers.

If you’re looking for unique, open-platform materials to offer your customers, that’s a coincidence—because we’re looking for reputable resellers to expand our network. We should talk.

Let’s talk about something big.

From bulk orders to reseller relationships, there’s a lot our staff can help you with. Start by telling us a little bit about who you are and what you need.

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