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Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace

Additive manufacturing is fueling innovation in aerospace. Go further: realize faster prototyping, eliminate constraints, and improve print fidelity. Create what’s next with AquaSys® and Caverna™.
Streamline maintenance
Streamline maintenance
Transform MRO with replacement parts on demand.
Faster production.
Faster production.
Boost post-processing efficiencies with water-soluble supports.
Expanded material compatibility.
Expanded material compatibility.
Utilize high-temperature thermoplastics, including PEEK, PEKK, PEI, and PPSU.
Work with confidence using ESD-specified filaments with AquaSys supports.
Aerospace expertise.

Infinite™ works with leading experts and companies in aerospace to leverage additive manufacturing in groundbreaking ways. Start a conversation with us today to learn more.

Aerospace applications.

Our materials get you there faster and with greater efficiency. Superior thermal stability, best-in-class adhesion characteristics, and up to 6x faster dissolution removes design constraints and enables more efficient production.


Sacrificial cores, jigs, & fixtures.


Sacrificial cores and the hundreds of fixtures, guides, templates, and gauges found in every aircraft are ideally suited for FDM production. Our water-only soluble support materials further efficiency gains thanks to their rapid dissolution characteristics and easier disposal. The primary component in AquaSys is a naturally occurring carbohydrate that rapidly mineralizes in the environment.


Complex geometries.


Aerospace engineers continue to pursue design gains in weight and performance. Complex geometries, internal features, thin walls, and complex curved surfaces are achievable but demand the very high-performance support that AquaSys materials offer.

AquaSys is engineered for use with a wide range of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials. See a comparison of build material compatibility between AquaSys 120, AquaSys 180, and PVA in our AquaSys 180 whitepaper.

Solutions for aerospace.

Infinite has disrupted additive manufacturing by enabling more complex designs and an abbreviated time-to-part rate for users seeking the design freedom and flexibility of open printing systems. Learn how our support and build products can help solve your aerospace design challenges.

Support materials

Our AquaSys water-only soluble support filaments offer high-quality support, ease of use, and unmatched compatibility.

Build materials

Introducing Caverna™ PP, a polypropylene build material with a microporous morphology.