Meet the Team

Our leadership are creators at heart, staring down the skeptics and welcoming the dreamers.

The members of the Infinite Material Solutions leadership team are also creators at heart, staring down the skeptics and welcoming the dreamers.

Jeff Cernohous, Ph.D.

Every day, Jeff pushes our company to challenge industry conventions. He ensures every product we create is worthy of his name – and ours.

Larry Doerr

As Chief Operating Officer, Larry is a master multitasker, but his number-one priority is ensuring our ideas come to fruition.

Brad Hilborn

Brad is a mover and doer. As our Chief Business Officer, his focus is on next-level marketing and business development.


Jeff Feddersen

As Senior Sales & Business Development Manager, Jeff focuses on getting our innovative products out into the marketplace – and creating "aha!" moments for our customers.

Carl Corten

Carl covers a lot of ground managing business development in the European Union. As Marketing Manager, he works with European businesses to address their additive manufacturing challenges.

Brandon Cernohous

Our Production Operations Manager has a hand in everything Brandon works in research and development and customer support — making sure Infinite products work as expected.

Samantha Dickenson

Samantha has earned her stripes as a well-respected physicist – and she's also our Manufacturing Process Specialist. She brings her vast scientific knowledge and expertise to research and development and customer support for both materials and printers.

Matt Williamson

With two decades of additive manufacturing experience, Matt is a wealth of knowledge about 3D printing. He brings his expertise and a hands-on approach to his role as Senior Filament Operator.