Ultimaker to Highlight AquaSys® 120 Advantages in Support Material Webinar

Posted on July 27, 2020

Businesses looking to invest in their 3D printing capabilities will want to mark their calendars. On August 5—as part of their ongoing series of live, interactive sessions—3D printing innovator Ultimaker will host an in-depth webinar explaining FFF support materials.

With added insight from Infinite Material Solutions, this presentation will cover various support options, their advantages and disadvantages, and compatible build materials. Most importantly, however, the webinar will highlight AquaSys® 120. As the only water-soluble support filament for engineering-grade materials, AquaSys® 120 provides Ultimaker users with new opportunities for advanced applications, while reducing post-processing costs.

Registration is free, making this a unique opportunity for businesses looking to gain a stronger understanding of 3D printing applications, and how they might improve product quality. See full event details below.

Webinar Details

3D printing mindset: Strategies for support materials
Wednesday, August 5
7:00 am ET | 1:00 pm ET


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