Caverna™ PP

A polypropylene build material with a co-continuous, microporous morphology.

Price: $110.00 (1.75mm - 2.85mm)


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The first in the line of unique Caverna build materials from Infinite™, Caverna PP (a polypropylene filament) has a water-soluble phase that dissolves to create a co-continuous, microporous morphology. After dissolution, the resulting material is soft and porous, and provides incredible moisture vapor transmission.


Sizes: 1.75mm 2.85mm
Weight: 1.1kg 1.1 kg
Dimensions: 9 x 8.25” x 2.5” 9 x 8.25” x 2.5”
Diameter: 1.75mm 2.85mm
Volume: 500g 500g
Extruder temperature: 90–240°C 90–240°C
Build plate temperature: 95–125°C 95–125°C
Chamber temperature: 20-50°C 20-50°C
Pore size:



Printer Compatibility.

Caverna PP is available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm filament to meet the needs of most professional, industrial, and prosumer 3D printers. It’s been tested specifically on AON3D and Ultimaker S5 printers.

Material compatibility.

Caverna PP is compatible with standard, non-porous polypropylene, so users can create prints with selectively soft and rigid areas. And it pairs perfectly with AquaSys 120, enabling design freedom and easy support removal.

Printing Parameters

Caverna PP filament is designed for use in fused filament fabrication (FFF) printers.

Nozzle Temperature: 190-240°C
Build Plate Temperature: 95-125°C
Chamber Temperature: 20-50°C
Print Geometry: Gyroid for best dissolution
Adhesives: Print with a brim and glue on glass build plates. We recommend Dimafix glue.

Dive deeper into Caverna’s unique material properties.

Download the Caverna PP whitepaper to get a clear, factual understanding of how this material was created and what its material properties are.

The only way to 3D print a foam-like polypropylene.

Unique water-soluble phase.

When placed in plain tap water, Caverna PP's water-soluble phase dissolves to produce a co-continuous foam structure.

A perfect support partner.

Caverna PP is compatible with AquaSys 120, enabling design freedom and simple post-processing.

Excellent consistency.

Caverna PP's highly uniform pore size (1–4µ) and distribution provide outstanding print fidelity.

AquaSys 180 is in a class all its own.

No other support method can compete in terms of quality, convenience, or compatibility.

  Breakaway PVA/BVOH Chemical-soluble AquaSys 180
Compatible with engineering-grade build materials X   X X
Requires minimal post-processing   X X X
Enables safe, simple disposal   X   X
Stable at high temperatures X   X X
Dissolves in plain tap water*   X X
Supports complex geometries   X X X
Compatible with PEEK, PEKK, PEI, and PPSU X     X

Caverna PP makes new applications possible.


From arm rests to hand breaks, many interior parts require soft, lightweight, and spongy materials. Caverna PP adds flexibility to their creation.


Consistent distribution of micropores makes Caverna a smart solution for advanced air filtration, improving internal cabin conditions.

Consumer products.

Due to its excellent filtration properties, Caverna PP could facilitate distributive production of highly effective 3D printed air and water filters.

Research & higher education.

When printed alongside a dense material, Caverna can open new doors in separation, extraction, and microfluidics with uniform, tunable design.

What’s your big idea?

From bulk orders to reseller relationships — or even a seemingly crazy application idea — our team is available to talk it through.

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