Now On-Demand: Collaborative Webinar with Infinite and Titan

Posted on December 4, 2020

Infinite Material Solutions™ and Titan Robotics are both committed to the same overall goal: to enable additive manufacturers to produce better prints more efficiently. So to celebrate 3D Printing Day 2020 (12/3), experts from both companies presented a collaborative webinar about the exciting new capabilities enabled by using their products—both separately and in tandem.

Now available on-demand, the presentation covers various topics, including extrusion methods, product capabilities, and tips for using water-soluble support. Whether you’re actively looking for new ways to improve your 3D printing process, or just want to see where the industry is going, it’s worth a watch. See the full video above.

About AquaSys® 180

As the world’s only water-soluble support that’s compatible with PEEK, PEKK, PEI, and PPSU, AquaSys 180 makes it more practical and cost-effective to print complex, contiguous structures using high-temperature build materials. This makes it ideal for applications within Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, and Manufacturing (Jigs & Fixtures) in which part quality, production speed, and design freedom are all critically important.


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