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AquaSys® 120

AquaSys® 180

Caverna™ PP


Now available in two grades, AquaSys water-soluble support filaments make complex geometry and hands-off post processing a reality, even if your build material requires extremely high print temperatures. Simply put—if you want to print high-quality parts, using engineering thermoplastics, but don’t like dealing with harsh chemicals or breakaway material, there’s an AquaSys filament for you.

AquaSys® 120

Designed for manufacturers looking to 3D print more parts in less time, AquaSys 120 dissolves rapidly in warm tap water—all while giving complex designs the high-quality support they need.
  • Stable at chamber temperatures up to 120° C
  • Dissolves faster than any competing support material
  • Pairs well with industry-favored build materials

Recommended build materials: PLA, Polyamide, Carbon Fiber Filled Polyamide, ABS, TPU, PC, PP, Glass-Filled PP, and PVDF

Ditch the PVA and breakaway.

AquaSys 120 dissolves 6X faster than a leading brand of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). Plus it’s compatible with more of the materials you use.

Print with a clean conscience.

AquaSys 120 is made from 100% water-soluble, non-hazardous, non-carcinogenic components—making it safe to dispose of in most wastewater systems.

Let your ideas run rampant.

With AquaSys 120, design freedom is endless. Create parts with internal cavities, intricate details, and 45° angles—with no need to fuse pieces together.

AquaSys® 180

AquaSys 180 is the world’s only water-soluble 3D printing support material that’s compatible with Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK), Polyetherimide (PEI), and Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU).
  • Stable at chamber temperatures up to 180° C
  • Enables production of end-use parts using high-temperature thermoplastics
  • Provides complete design freedom

Recommended build materials: PEEK, PEKK, PEI, and PPSU

Speed up production.

By reducing post-processing, AquaSys 180 helps you accelerate time-to-part and reallocate labor that might have been used to sand off supports.

Wait less, and waste less.

AquaSys 180 dissolves quickly and leaves behind minimal residue, which means less time finishing parts and less wasted material.

Expand your capabilities.

Uniquely compatible with key high-temperature thermoplastics, AquaSys 180 dramatically expands what’s possible with FDM printing.

Caverna™ PP

The first in the line of unique Caverna build materials from Infinite, Caverna PP (a polypropylene filament) has a water-soluble phase that dissolves to create a co-continuous, microporous morphology.
  • The only solution for 3D printing foam-like parts made from thermoplastics
  • Features even distribution of micropores for filtration, tooling, and soft-touch applications
  • Provides excellent moisture vapor transmission

A unique water-soluble phase.

When placed in ordinary tap water, Caverna PP's water-soluble phase dissolves to produce a co-continuous, microporous, foam-like structure.

The perfect support partner.

Caverna PP is compatible with AquaSys 120, enabling design freedom, stable support, and simple post-processing.

Soft to the touch.

After dissolution, Caverna PP loses 45% of its mass, leaving behind a light material that’s soft and flexible.

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