Jigs & Fixtures

Can you be more specific? We think so.

In jig and fixture design, specificity is critical. The more specifically a tool or assembly aid is designed to a particular task, the more time it can save your manufacturing line. And we’ve got a way to help you get a lot more specific, real fast.

Achieve shorter cycles with more useful tools.

With AquaSys® water-soluble support, you can produce highly precise jigs and fixtures with complex design features—without wasting time sanding or grinding them afterwards. Here’s how our materials support your industry.


If you’ve already reduced your tooling cycles from months to weeks, or even days, shave some more time off by removing post-processing from the equation.


Our support filaments can help you fast-track design and iteration with higher fidelity and success—helping alleviate your dependence on traditional machining and outside manufacturing.


While jigs and fixtures may be a relatively low-volume application in the medical world, water-soluble support can still save you critical time and effort.

Everyone else.

Made for open-platform printing systems, our materials work with a wide portfolio of build materials. No matter what industries use 3D printing for tooling, we can help.

Our products for better jig & fixture design.

AquaSys® 120

A water-soluble support that’s compatible with materials like ABS, Nylon, and PLA. For hands-off dissolution, higher print success, and shorter development cycles within existing FDM applications.

AquaSys® 180

The world’s only water-soluble support material that’s compatible with PEEK, PEKK, PEI, and PPSU. Making it possible to create complex, contiguous end-use parts from temperature- and smoke-resistant materials.

Caverna™ PP

The first in the line of unique Caverna build materials from Infinite, Caverna PP (polypropylene) has a water-soluble phase that dissolves to create a co-continuous, microporous morphology.

Access white papers relevant to your business.

We’ve got more information about how our products work and how they could fit into your 3D printed jig and fixture creation. Just ask and you shall receive.

If you want speed, flexibility, and reduced waste…

There’s no reason to continue printing jigs and fixtures using traditional support techniques like breakaway. Build creative solutions to complex assembly problems—in less time—with support materials designed specifically for your needs.

Three simple reasons to choose Infinite™ products.

Exceptional print fidelity.

AquaSys filaments are engineered to leave behind the ideal surface finish.

Plug-and-play performance.

AquaSys filaments work seamlessly into existing FDM printing processes.

Unmatched temperature stability.

AquaSys filaments are engineered for challenging print parameters.

Let’s talk about something big.

From bulk orders to reseller relationships, there’s a lot our staff can help you with. Start by telling us a little bit about who you are and what you need.

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