AquaSys®, the only water-soluble support compatible with engineering-grade build materials.

High-performance, water-soluble support filament

AquaSys is the only water-soluble support compatible with engineering-grade build materials.

AquaSys 120 2.85

Design, print, and move on—
with AquaSys® water-soluble 3D printer support filaments.

The AquaSys® family of products offers users a lot to improve the 3D printing process. Fast dissolution speeds. Universal adhesion. Stability at high temperatures. But the most important thing you’ll get when you print with AquaSys? Simplicity. Print a complex 3D object, using engineering thermoplastics, then move on to your next project as AquaSys rapidly dissolves. It’s that simple.

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Facts. Figures. Critical data and safety recommendations. Find it all in the AquaSys 120 Technical and Safety Data Sheets (TDS & SDS). Available in English and German.

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Read our in-depth whitepaper about the physical properties
that make AquaSys 120 so effective—and some of the key trial results
that back those claims up.


AquaSys features and benefits

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Why use AquaSys 120 water-soluble support material?

For decades, manufacturers and developers have been looking for ways to make printing 3D objects faster, easier and more affordable. And thanks to industry-wide R&D efforts, they’ve been succeeding. But limitations still persisted, most notably in the field of support material.
Traditional support filaments simply don’t provide the optimal support manufacturers need. Breakaway supports make producing complex structures difficult. That hinders creativity and makes post-production long and costly. And water-soluble materials like PVA and BVOH may not require hands-on removal, but they can’t stand up to the temperatures required to support engineering-grade build materials.
That’s why industry leaders have long been calling for a better solution—and Infinite Material Solutions decided to answer the call. Our team set out to create a material that offers truly high performance, using the following characteristics to guide our efforts:

The result is AquaSys 120, a patented composite material that meets the rigorous demands of advanced additive manufacturing applications. This product doesn’t just make 3D printing easier—it makes it faster and more cost-effective.

Take a closer look. Get the AquaSys 120 whitepaper.

Materials like AquaSys 120 aren’t just haphazardly discovered. This water-soluble support filament is the result of novel material design and rigorous testing. Read our in-depth whitepaper to learn what led to AquaSys 120’s creation, and how its physical properties can enhance your FDM/FFF printing.

“In head-to-head dissolution trials of identically printed parts, AquaSys 120 dissolved twice as fast as a leading brand of PVA at room temperature (22ºC) and over six times faster at elevated temperatures (80ºC).”


Get the plug-and-play performance you need.

AquaSys works seamlessly into your FDM printing experience, making the whole process easier. It works on a variety of extrusion machines and build plates. It supports warp-free prints with no deformations—even when making large parts. And it’s perfect for any print design with overhanging features and internal cavities.

Enjoy high-performance stability.
AquaSys 120 support material thrives in chamber temperatures up to 120°C. That means you can print with engineering thermoplastics like nylons, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and TPU. And you can use it on popular FDM machines, from manufacturers like Ultimaker, Arburg, and AON3D—with minimal setup time.

Watch it dissolve up to 6X faster.
As a fully water-soluble filament, AquaSys 120 dissolves quickly, and does so faster than any competing material. All you need is tap water. No harsh chemicals. No leftover residues. AquaSys 120 is also hydrophilic, biocompatible, nontoxic, and noncarcinogenic—which is all to say that it’s safe to use, and safe to discharge. You can dispose of your post-processing water in conventional waste-water streams, but we recommend checking your local regulations first.

Reduce post-processing time.
For some reason, manufacturers tend to accept post-processing as a necessary use of their time. But that time is expensive. Post-processing is responsible for as much as 70% of the cost of a 3D-printed object. That’s why we designed AquaSys 120 to dissolve quickly, enable complex designs, and leave behind a smooth finish. So you can make more parts faster, and get that 70% back.

Storage is simple.
AquaSys 120 comes with everything you need for easy, effective storage. We’ll ship it to you in a sealed, moisture-tight bag, which we recommend you use for continued storage between prints. If left exposed, your filament could begin to take on moisture—impacting its performance, which nobody wants. But the good news is that it’s easy to remedy. Just dry out your filament at 70°C for 3-4 hours.

Still not sure if AquaSys filaments are right for you?

We understand—it’s a critical decision. Peruse our FAQ page for fast answers to common questions,
or contact our helpful staff for one-on-one support.


Best Development in 3D Printing

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Best Development in 3D Printing

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