You were promised production speed. Did 3D printing deliver?

Post-processing time and failed prints tend to undo a lot of the time savings 3D printing offers to the automotive industry. So we created materials that address these issues—helping fused deposition modeling (FDM) to become the dream solution manufacturers need.

Automotive additive manufacturing, with fewer challenges.

Our AquaSys® water-soluble support materials are designed to enable you to continue using FDM the same way you already are. Minus the post-processing challenges and design constraints brought on by outdated 3D support materials like breakaway.

Truly custom jigs & fixtures.

With water-soluble support, you can produce highly specific jigs and fixtures with complex design features—without wasting time sanding or grinding them afterwards.

Rapid(er) prototyping.

Yes, 3D printing allows you to accelerate prototyping. But without water-soluble support, you’re still throwing time in a black hole. Redefine “rapid” with hands-off support removal and greater print success.

Endless assembly aid designs.

Looking for new ways to expedite assembly? When you expand design freedom and add to your list of viable FDM printing materials, the realm of possibility grows exponentially.

Expanded materials for end-use parts.

From one-off replacement parts to customized components, 3D printing puts fast production on-site. And high-temperature water-soluble support gives you the flexibility to do it with more—and better—materials.

Our products for automotive applications.

AquaSys® 120

A water-soluble support that’s compatible with materials like ABS, Nylon, and PLA. For hands-off dissolution, higher print success, and shorter development cycles within existing FDM applications.

AquaSys® 180

The world’s only water-soluble support material that’s compatible with PEEK, PEKK, PEI, and PPSU. Making it possible to create complex, contiguous end-use parts from temperature- and smoke-resistant materials.

Caverna™ PP

The first in the line of unique Caverna build materials from Infinite, Caverna PP (polypropylene) has a water-soluble phase that dissolves to create a co-continuous, microporous morphology.

Access white papers relevant to your business.

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Dramatically improve your FDM process by making one small change.

Trying new supports for your 3D printing build materials isn’t like buying a new machine or incorporating a new method altogether. There’s no major downtime risk, and it’s not going to upend your day-to-day production. If you’re already using an open-platform FDM system, why not use it more efficiently to create better parts?

Three simple reasons to choose Infinite™ products.

Faster dissolution.

AquaSys filaments dissolve up to 6X faster than PVA.

Industry-leading compatibility.

AquaSys filaments support build materials from ABS to PEEK.

Complete design freedom.

AquaSys filaments enable complex geometries and internal cavities.

Let’s talk about something big.

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