Breakthrough Water Soluble Support Filament

AquaSys™ 120 is a groundbreaking water-soluble support resin with high-performance attributes designed to be compatible with a wide range of build-materials due to its adhesion characteristics, giving it best-in-class versatility. But its true power is its breakthrough water-solubility performance, which significantly reduces the costs of post-processing or downstream-processing of 3D printed parts, traditionally a cost prohibitive process for many manufacturers.

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In head-to-head dissolution trials of identically printed parts, AquaSys™ 120 dissolved twice as fast as a leading brand of PVA at room temperature (22 ºC) and over six times faster at elevated temperatures (80 ºC).

AquaSys™ 120 with enhanced adhesion properties, so that it is compatible with a wide range of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials used in filament driven 3D printing platforms. AquaSys™ 120 is compatible with a wide range of engineering grade resins, such as: ABS, PC/ABS, Nylon, TPU, CPE, PC, and PP.

AquaSys™ 120 is a hydrophilic, biocompatible, non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic composite material.

AquaSys™ 120 offers great thermal stability and robust adhesion characteristics which makes it the ideal support material for a wide array of build materials. AquaSys™ 120 addresses the current limitations of water-soluble and break-away supports.

Technical Information

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AquaSys™ 120 is a breakthrough support material for the additive manufacturing industry. Currently offered in filament for FFF/FDM printing technology. This water soluble support material leverages novel material design to enhances the supporting the Buildup of Three-Dimensional Solids, Enhanced Properties, Robust Adhesion, and Critical Application Parameters.

“AquaSys™ 120 is a general-purpose water-soluble support for additive manufacturing (3D printing) for fused filament fabrication (FFF) and direct extrusion systems. AQ-120 offers modest thermal stability and robust adhesion characteristics which make it an ideal material for a wide array of build material.”

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