Applications & Industries

Additive manufacturing can help you push the boundaries of what’s possible—that’s no secret. But what happens when you come across new boundaries? We suggest pushing a little harder.



The promise of 3D printing, and what it offers in terms of production speed, is uniquely alluring to automotive manufacturers. But that promise tends to crumble every time a precious part is ruined in post-processing. Here’s how we remedy that.


Getting a fleet of shiny new planes off the ground. Affordably maintaining each aircraft throughout its entire life cycle. And doing it all without reliance on third party manufacturers or a complex supply chain. Here’s how we help make it all simpler.

Medical & Dental

Materials like PEEK and ULTEM 1010 continue to gain approval for medical applications. And with that approval comes immense potential for improved implants and prosthetics. Here’s how we see those applications growing with support from our products.


Universities help advance additive manufacturing in two significant ways: by training the next generation of creators, and by trying new things most manufacturers wouldn’t invest the time in. Here’s how we support both.


Jigs & Fixtures

3D printing is already the most cost effective way to produce custom jigs and fixtures. If you’ve made the switch from traditional methods—good. But it doesn’t end there. You can achieve even shorter development cycles, and here’s how.

Rapid Prototyping

For rapid prototyping to live up to its name, manufacturers need to address support removal and the massive time loss that comes with it. We believe our products represent the most logical solution. Here’s how.

End-Use Products

For manufacturers looking to move into producing end-use parts with FDM, the list of viable materials has always been a little too short. Here’s how we’re expanding that list, and how it could help your business.

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