About Us


Infinite Material Solutions is challenging the materials design industry.

We’re an innovation house.

The materials design industry could use a good shakeup. That’s where we come in. Infinite Material Solutions, LLC is an innovation house, dedicated to solving unsolvable material science problems. We’re not fond of limits. We don’t negotiate with naysayers. We create unique products, using materials that don’t exist until we make them—because me-too products are a waste of time.


We reshape processes, starting with 3D printing.

We propel ideas into existence. We bum-rush the future. We create materials that address the needs of end-users and help reshape the way they do things. There are a million fancy ways to say it, but in simple terms: We make very useful stuff. The first of which is a water-soluble filament for additive manufacturing. We think that’s a pretty worthwhile endeavor.

Anybody can say they’re an innovator. Or that their products work. Or that they’re revolutionizing additive manufacturing. But when your support filament wins Best Development in 3D printing at the IDTechEx Show—which ours did—it gives those claims more credibility.

Materials design

Our materials design approach is simple: If the solution to a common industry problem doesn’t exist, we build one with a wholly new material.

Process development

When combined with advanced technologies, our one-of-a-kind materials create completely new processes.

Industry expertise

Materials like ours aren’t made by accident. Our veteran team knows what they’re doing because they spent years doing it for other industry leaders.

This is our team.

Our affinity for disruption didn’t appear overnight. Every member of Infinite Material Solutions has a long background of moving things forward within their respective fields—not just additive manufacturing. Here are a few of our team leaders and what they do.

Larry Doerr

Larry leads the operations management, process design and innovations teams. He helps breathe life into exciting ideas.

Jeff Feddersen

Jeff heads up business development in North America. He’s working to get our innovative products into the right hands.

Jeff Cernohouse

Jeff Cernohous, PhD

Jeff advises on technology and business strategy. He only puts his name behind products that are one of a kind.

Carl Corten

Carl manages business development in the EU. He works with European businesses to address their 3D printing challenges.

Brad Hilborn

Brad leads the strategy and business development teams. He makes big decisions and moves things forward.

Timothy Williams

Tim oversees the marketing group. He shapes how Infinite Material Solutions looks, sounds, and communicates.

This is how to contact us.

From quotes, to project questions, to reseller information—there’s a lot our staff can help you with. Contact us today and we’ll get you in touch with the right person.

Best Development in 3D Printing

   USA 2018