We are challenging the materials design industry.

Infinite Material Solutions, LLC is an agile development company focusing on unique capabilities to provide disruptive materials to the additive manufacturing industry.

Our Credo:
We are creators of innovation. Everything we do, we do with the belief that disruptive innovation is the catalyst - advancing the prospect of a true manufacturing revolution. We dedicate our minds to shifting the manufacturing paradigm past status quo. We are in the business of inventing new materials, creating novel processes, realizing true efficiencies, and building opportunities that didn’t exist before. We do not follow. We lead in the disruption of innovation, by design. Let our work be the litmus of validity in these statements. The value of our work is self-evident, undeniable, indisputable, and unequivocal.

Materials Design

Leveraging extensive experience and depth in material design to create solutions that never existed previously

Process Development

Truly one-of-a-kind materials combined with advanced technologies to create completely new processes.

Industry Experts

An agile team with real-world experience in some of the best businesses in the industry.

Our Team

Larry Doerr

Chief Operations Officer
Larry leads the Operations Management, process design and innovations team.
Jeff Cernohouse

Jeff Cernohous, PhD

Board Member & Executive Advisor
Jeff advises on the firm’s technology and business strategy.

Brad Hilborn

Chief Business Officer
Brad is Chief Business Officer at Infinite Material Solutions, where he leads the marketing, business development team.

Nobu Eto

Business Development

Jeremy Smith

Business Development

Timothy Williams


How can we help you?

Here at Infinite Material Solutions our aim is to disrupt the materials design industry. The degree of our disruption comes down to the needs of end-use applications and the underlying mega-trends that shape the future demands. Think of us as the chemical solutions and material design experts you need to propel your ideas into existence.

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