Post-processing is a common challenge facing the additive manufacturing industry today. In fact, up to 70% of the cost of a 3D printed object can be attributed to post-processing practices like support removal. AquaSys™ water-soluble support material was built to reduce the time and cost of downstream processing.

With AquaSys™ you can build more complex parts faster with less cost. It dissolves up to 6X faster than PVA in warm water with no chemicals required. This breakthrough water-soluble material adheres to other 3D printing materials for better print quality. It works well with most engineering-grade materials like ABS, PC/ABS, nylon, TPU, CPE, PC and composite materials. AquaSys is revolutionizing post-processing for 3D printing professionals across the globe. Are you ready to take the plunge? 

AquaSys™ is the Water-Soluble Solution for Post-Processing Challenges

Material Compatibility

Compatible with engineering-grade materials.

High quality print stability

High-Quality Print Stability

The only reliable material when high quality is needed.

Environmentally Smart

Environmentally Smart

Water-soluble solution that makes it easier to dispose of in waste-water streams.

Fully Water Soluble Dissolves with tap water only with no harsh chemicals needed, eliminating the risk of leftover residues.
Dissolves 6X Faster
Dissolves 6X Faster Dissolves 2X faster with room temperature (22C) water than a leading brand of PVA and 6X faster at elevated temperatures.
3d printing award

Best Development in 3D Printing

USA 2018

Water Soluble Support Material by Infinite Materials

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