High-Performace Water-Soluble Support

A water-soluble support filament specifically designed for use with high-performance build materials and other engineered thermoplastics.

Water-soluble + Environmentally smart

AquaSys® is tap-water soluble. It can be directly disposed of in conventional waste-water stream, but we recommend checking with your local regulations.

Universal Adhesion Characteristics

AquaSys® provides good adhesion to a variety of build material and build plates, making your build experience much less complicated, more plug-and-play regardless of the material you're printing.

High-Performance Stability

AquaSys® support material is designed to work in high-performance applications with build chamber temperatures up to 120°C, enabling you print a variety of engineered thermoplastics.

Print Complex Geometric Parts

AquaSys® enables more geometrically complex designs to be printed as a fully functional (single build) assembly. This is optimal for parts with internal cavities where break-away support material could not be removed due to lack of access

Reduce Post-Processing

AquaSys® was built to reduce the time and cost of downstream processing. Post-processing is responsible for as much as 70% of the cost of a 3D-printed object, and support removal is the key driver of this; until now. With AquaSys® you can build more complex parts faster, with less cost.

Unmatched water soluble support filament material for 3D printing applications requiring high-performance attributes, quality, ease of use, and increased throughput.